Ambivalent Truths

Unknowingly, I have accepted solemnity though my conscience may inform me otherwise.

I rest with a concatenation of contemplative thoughts. They stream on, flowing with the natural grace of the wind, but biting into the burrows of my heart. A single truth, I have conjured, is that my own truths may never be understood by the larger part of society, and that my attempts at aligning personal preference with societal expectations have dug its own hole and made its own falter.

The truth could be expressed through music, however. I go with the stream of notes, masterfully sculpted by human emotion. If I could – oh how much I wish I could – I would use music to express my sincerest thoughts.

There will always exists an unmovable wall between my understanding of others and vise versa. I look through its chinks, surveying those adept at subterfuge, pernicious towards those of purity. And some may even look back, to the other side. Though they will become disheartened at my misanthropy at my struggle to sequester myself from society.

Yet with decrepit claws, I feign a guild of normalcy.


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